So it begins…..

December 15, 2017

When I look back at these pictures, I have to giggle.  My husband’s buddy was having a retirement party and invited us to come out with our mobile targets.  This was legit our first event and it was……not what I had envisioned, to say the least.

First, we kind of procrAXEtinated getting the targets ready for the event.  We were still spray painting and putting on boards when we should have been leaving.  I had some sticker letters left over from a crafting project that I stuck on the top just to have our name somewhere on the targets.  I think a couple of the letters actually fell off before we even made it to the event, hahaha.

It was cold AF outside so most of the guests were inside the garage, where the food was, or outside huddled around the fire pit.  No one really wanted to throw.  I tend to take things personal and was quite annoyed.  But whatevs, we threw with the few folks that were interested and got in a little practice time for ourselves.

I’ll admit I was disappointed in the lack of AXEcitement.  I mean, helloooo, we brought axe throwing to your party.  Why weren’t these peeps freaking stoked?  I remember wondering if we were making the right decision. Was this as cool as we thought it was?

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