Leavin’ Our Mark

March 10, 2018 This night was probably one of the biggest moments for us.  We were invited by the Marksmen to set up on the ice during an intermission.  Whaaaat?!? Yes!  Seriously, so cool.  We hurried and placed a quick shirt order so we could have some type of merchandise to promote ourselves.  It was […]


Learning AXEperience, fo sho

February 25, 2018 When I tell you this event was a learning AXEperience, whaaaat?!?!!!  Let’s start with how we were introduced and started building a relationship with Dirtbag Ales Brewery.  Ok, maybe I shouldn’t share all the deets, but I will say it was a clusterf*ck of miscommunication with someone who was trying to book […]


Like, OMG it’s official

February 21, 2018 Nothing makes it seem more official than a huge banner and business cards.  Is it weird that I stared at the banner for a good minute after we got it? We worked with International Minute Press on the redesign of our logo (I could have kissed William when he made my vision […]


So it begins…..

December 15, 2017 When I look back at these pictures, I have to giggle.  My husband’s buddy was having a retirement party and invited us to come out with our mobile targets.  This was legit our first event and it was……not what I had envisioned, to say the least. First, we kind of procrAXEtinated getting […]


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