Joining a league allows players to showcase their skills and compete with other like-minded throwers in a respectful, diverse, fair-play environment. No AXEperience is needed; all skill levels are encouraged to join.

We are proud members of the National Axe Throwing Federation, which represents the sport of axe throwing on behalf of over 5000 league members in over 60 cities and 7 countries.  We chose to be apart of the NATF because their standards for safety, sportsmanship, and competitive protocol aligned with the vision we have for Axes & X’s.

For a complete description of the rules and standards set forth by the NATF, click HERE.

But basically:

League play is an individual competition.  If you were looking to form a team, invite your friends to register individually, and you guys can play and compete against each other each week.  The first 7 weeks you will play approximately 4 matches against other league members to determine who will compete in the playoffs on week 8.

Each match consists of 15 throws (3 rounds of 5 throws).  The bullseye is 5 points, the blue ring is 3, and the black ring is 1 point.  On the 5th throw of each round, a thrower can call clutch, and go for one of the 2 red dots at the top of the target.  If the thrower hits the clutch, it is worth 7 points.  If the thrower misses or hits another scoring area, the throw is worth nothing. Points are awarded based on majority rules – meaning the thrower receives the points where the majority of the axe blade is in the target. The only time ‘just the tip’ gets you points is on the black ring and the clutches.

Current Leagues Available:


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