What is Axe Throwing?

Axe throwing is the raddest thing to hit Fayetteville since putt-putt was founded here in 1954! It’s quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the US, thanks to our Canadian neighbors. Axe throwing involves players throwing an axe at a target to accumulate points for a win – think darts, but waaay cooler.

Axe throwing has been transformed from just throwing an axe at trees in your backyard to a structured environment of competition and fun. It’s great for those just wanting to unwind after a tough day, for a group of friends wanting to hang out, or for those who crave an extremely competitive sport that offers competitions and tournaments.

There are no boundaries or limitations to the amount of AXEhilaration axe throwing has to offer all walks of life.



Well, it is slightly more structured, very technical, and it elevates the level of competition to a whole to realm.  When you come in to throw with us, we have several options for each person/group.  We will familiarize you with the safe way to throw axes, get you comfortable throwing an axe properly (with one or more of the regulation throws), and then work on becoming more consistent and accurate with each throw.


We have several games we can play that work on consistency and accuracy.  Each game can be fun and competitive, seriously focused and competitive, or a combination of it all.  Our coaches are there to make sure you and your group have the best AXEperience possible, so you set the tone for your time with us.

The traditional game, the one that is played during league competitions, is 3 rounds consisting of 5 throws each round.  Let’s back up for a moment….let’s talk about the target.  The scoring system:  the bullseye is 5 points, the middle ring is 3, and the outer ring is 1 point.  The red dots at the top are worth 7 points.  During the traditional game each player is trying to get the most points each round, the winner is the player who scored the most points 2 of the 3 rounds.  Now, those red dots are worth 7 points….those dots can only be considered for points on the 5th throw of each round.  Those dots can either seal the win or kill the win.  On the 5th throw, if a player wants to go for those extra points, they MUST call it prior to throwing.  Here’s where the seal or kill comes in.  If the player lands on one of the dots, they get the 7 points.  If they miss or land on another part of the target, they get 0 points.  It’s a gamble, but sometimes totally worth it.  A perfect score is 81 (4 bullseye, 1 clutch each round), but another elite club is The 75 (5 bullseye each round).

Yahtzee, Around the World, TIMBER, and Poker are a few of the other of games we offer.  We will get in to how to play those games later…stay tuned.


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